About Us

SanKo Amusements

Founded in 2001, SanKo Amusements specializes in games and amusement equipment for malls, restaurants other high-traffic venues. Our custom configurations, custom graphics and high-quality prizes attract customers and generate high revenues. SanKo consistently hits break points and our clients receive additional earnings from rate increases and overages.

Choose SanKo For

  • Higher rents, overage checks and commissions

  • Multiple concepts to maximize rents and consolidate vendors

  • Custom configurations

  • Superior quality prizes

  • Exceptional customer service

  • Toll-free  number for customer convenience posted on all equipment

  • 100 percent refund policy

SanKo Amusements is a big part of the specialty leasing success at Midland Mall. David Koback and his team go above and beyond with their professionalism and visual merchandising. The team is quick to respond and stays on top of market trends, which helps the success of our business and attracts customers to Midland Mall.”

– Dan Irvin, General Manager • Midland Mall • Midland MI