Installation & Service

Installation & Service

Our professional staff of installation and service experts keeps your equipment in top condition. Installation is swift and easy. Our experts work with you to place machines in your preferred locations using configurations proven to earn top revenues.

At regularly scheduled service calls, your machines are inspected, cleaned and stocked. Our meticulous service staff can detect mechanical problems before they occur, keeping your machines in top condition and insuring no lost time from play. If repair is needed, simply call SanKo, and our service staff will arrive on site for quick, timely resolution of the problem.

SanKo’s toll-free customer service number is posted on all equipment. Our 100 percent refund policy satisfies customer concerns.

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David and the rest of the group at SanKo have been very easy to work with, creating a win-win for our mall and our customers. They have done a nice job of keeping the machines clean, stocked and updated with new graphics, as well as providing timely monthly rent and sales overages.

– Amy Myers, Assistant General Manager • CherryVale Mall